The right side and left side of the brain work together. Music.

Is Music is the way to tie both side’s of your brain more tightly together?   I would say it is more together with music than without.    Why?   I leave that to my book.  But at the least it makes sense to keep music in our school systems.

How Music training helps kids

Its helps students develop a better awareness of their “aim” and “force” in relation to their own motor skills as well as improving their “fluid intelligence” – which is the ability to solve new problems, use logic in new situations, and identify patterns.

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If you have a hard time sitting down to practice I suggest go micro

If you are having trouble getting to practice, get micro:  just get your butt on the piano bench.  Find a time that you should be consistently on it then sit.   I find it highly unlikely that you will not at least start to do something.   1439380372_procrastinating-girl

Shakespeare helps those with Autism

This helps me understand that mimicry or immersing yourself in genius can have rub off effects.

Why this website exists

The reason why this website is here is to create a platform to share ideas about music and why it is important.  Oh sure, there are many reasons stated as to why music is important.  But I have yet to find a truly compelling reason why it’s necessary.  Not that I don’t believe it exists.  I Know it exists.  I just have not found the right words to describe to a more cynical person as to why it is not just important, but necessary.  The closest I have been able to describe it is that it was created by gods,  but I know that’s not always going to be a very explainable position.  I know this: when you play a piece by Mozart or of Bach, you are literally walking in the imagination of genius. That can’t be bad, right?  I am open to all thoughts and ideas.  Lets figure this out!