The right side and left side of the brain work together. Music.

Is Music is the way to tie both side’s of your brain more tightly together?   I would say it is more together with music than without.    Why?   I leave that to my book.  But at the least it makes sense to keep music in our school systems.

How Music training helps kids

Its helps students develop a better awareness of their “aim” and “force” in relation to their own motor skills as well as improving their “fluid intelligence” – which is the ability to solve new problems, use logic in new situations, and identify patterns.

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If you have a hard time sitting down to practice I suggest go micro

If you are having trouble getting to practice, get micro:  just get your butt on the piano bench.  Find a time that you should be consistently on it then sit.   I find it highly unlikely that you will not at least start to do something.   1439380372_procrastinating-girl

Shakespeare helps those with Autism

This helps me understand that mimicry or immersing yourself in genius can have rub off effects.